Corporate/Government/Elected Officials
  • Politician accused of sexual harassment while running for state-wide office (complaint dismissed following investigation that found no evidence to support the accusation and concluded that the accusation was likely “fabricated”)
  • Corporate employee under investigation by a special grand jury related to improper dealing in government contracts (investigation closed without arrest)
  • Healthcare technician accused of aggravated sexual battery (investigation closed without arrest)
  • Corporate officials facing discipline before state regulatory agencies (investigations closed without arrest or civil penalty)
  • County official investigated for embezzlement (closed without arrest)
  • Corporate employee accused of embezzling over $400,000 (civil settlement, no criminal charges)
  • School principal charged with sexual battery against employee (dismissed), related suit for sexual assault/harassment (dismissed following $1000 offer of judgment)
  • $100,000 Theft of Services case against owner/contractor (dismissed)
  • Doctor facing death investigation before medical review board (dismissed)
  • Politician accused of ethical infractions following comments on social media (dismissed)
  • Judge accused of misconduct in investigation before the JQC (closed without discipline)
  • Government employee accused of refusing to comply with laws related to the performance of their official duties (investigation closed without arrest or civil penalty)
  • Students accused of rape and sexual assault (investigations closed without arrest)
    • Subsequent Title IX cases (withdrawn or dismissed with no finding of responsibility)
  • Child investigated by school system for insensitive comments on social media (investigation closed, no criminal charges or suspension from school)
  • Students accused of violating school rules related to substance abuse, terroristic threats, battery, damage to property (investigations closed without expulsion)
General Criminal Defense
  • Aggravated Battery for breaking an elderly man’s nose (reduced to misdemeanor)
  • Vehicular Homicide (probation)
  • Adults with mental health issues charged with a variety of crimes – aggravated assault and battery, elder abuse, burglary, drugs (dismissed or probation with no criminal record)
  • Man with mental health issues accused of multiple arsons (probation)
  • Individuals with severe substance abuse issues and multiple cases pending
    • 4 pending DUI’s (3 in 7 days)- no jail time and 2 years on probation
    • 4th lifetime DUI reduced to reckless driving
    • dismissal of both pending domestic abuse cases
    • dismissal of all 3 pending heroin cases
    • trafficking charges reduced to probated sentence
  • Youthful offenders with substance abuse or mental health issues charged with a variety of crimes – felony possession of drugs, burglary, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct (dismissed)
  • DUI’s as high as .19 (dismissed or reduced to reckless driving)


  • Biker falls due to pothole in the road ($250,000)
  • Woman who purchased home infested with mold ($250,000)
  • Suit against contractor for building home with structural issues ($250,000)
  • Pedestrian struck by driver ($220,000)
  • Slip and Fall at jewelry store ($195,000)
  • Woman sideswiped in intersection ($125,000 max limits)
  • Woman injured in rear end collision ($100,000 max limits)
  • Low impact rear-end collision with no property damage to car ($110,000)
  • Police Misconduct – False arrest case ($100,000)
  • Golf course accident ($60,000)
  • Defense of individual sued over contract dispute (dismissed)
  • Trial consultant for the defense on $500M corporate case (case dismissed)