JLLaw is an exclusive, low-volume practice. Ms. Little is highly selective about the cases she takes and the clients she chooses to work with. As such, she provides one-on-one personal service and is directly accessible to her clients at all times. Ms. Little believes that the only way to be a truly effective advocate is by getting to know her clients, their history and what brought them to her. On their very first call, clients learn Ms. Little is attentive, empathetic and knowledgeable. Her calm demeanor and take-charge approach immediately provide a sense of comfort and relief, and her clients rave about her dedication and compassion. “She treated the case like it was her own son that was accused.” At JLLaw, clients receive the personal and detailed attention they expect and they remain well-informed as the case progresses.

One of Ms. Little’s mottos is, “you get more flies with honey.” Once you meet her, you will immediately see why Ms. Little is so successful both in and out of the courtroom. A born “people-person,” she instantly sets you at ease with her charismatic approach, jovial sense of humor and trustworthy and knowledgeable demeanor. Her strong people skills and her ability to make others feel at ease allows her to communicate more effectively with clients, witnesses, experts and opposing counsel. Ms. Little spent her career building a reputation for honesty and integrity and has trusted relationships with attorneys, judges, and courthouse staff throughout Georgia. Even her clients comment on the fact that Jennifer knows everyone and is very well-liked wherever she goes. “OUTSTANDING presence in the courtroom. She’s even cool with the bailiff.”