JLLaw has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured individuals and businesses.  Our firm handles cases of all sizes involving physical and financial injuries that range from minor to catastrophic.  Whether the injury was based upon the negligence or intentional acts of a driver, a business or the government, JLLaw zealously fights for our clients until they receive full compensation for their injuries.  JLLaw represents pedestrians, bikers, car and motorcycle drivers, riders of public transportation, and visitors to businesses or events who are injured due to the negligence or intentional acts of others.  JLLaw also pursues recovery for clients whose constitutional or civil rights have been violated.  JLLaw handles 1983 cases surrounding government misconduct including claims of police brutality and excessive force, false arrest/imprisonment, jail abuse and malicious prosecution cases.  JLLaw has successfully recovered large sums of money against contractors of homes for faulty construction, insurance companies for failure to pay claims, sellers of homes committing fraud, and businesses operating negligently.

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions (Cars, Motorcycles, and other motor vehicles)
  • Commercial Vehicle Wrecks (Buses, Trucks, Government Vehicles)
  • Distracted/Drunk Vehicle Collisions
  • Injuries to Bikers, Bystanders, and Pedestrians
  • Premises Liability (Slip and Fall, Negligent Security, Defective Conditions)
  • Sexual Assault
  • Government Misconduct (Police Brutality/Excessive Force, False Arrest/Imprisonment, Jail Abuse, Malicious Prosecution)

Practice Areas

White Collar

Sexual Offenses,
Misconduct & Title lX

Elected Officials and
Political Organizations

Criminal Defense

Administrative Proceedings
or Investigations

Injury to Businesses

Injury Cases