In response to the nationwide #metoo movement, JLLaw has represented a number of government officials, corporate executives and students wrongfully accused of sexual offenses and misconduct in criminal, civil and Title IX proceedings.  These cases require a particular approach – the approach Ms. Little is known for.  When a person is wrongfully accused of such egregious conduct, it is imperative to immediately assemble a skilled team of investigators and experts and strategically craft an offensive approach to shut down these damaging false claims.  Given her unique approach, JLLaw has a 100% success rate in obtaining outright dismissals of all cases.

  • Sexual Crimes (Rape, Statutory Rape, Sexual Battery, etc)
  • Title IX Cases
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault and Battery (in the civil context)

Practice Areas

White Collar

Sexual Offenses,
Misconduct & Title lX

Elected Officials and
Political Organizations

Criminal Defense

Administrative Proceedings
or Investigations

Injury to Businesses

Injury Cases