Ms. Little is routinely praised for her exceptional memory, her keen eye for detail and her meticulous preparation. She knows victory is often found in the details. Because of her dogged and tenacious spirit, Ms. Little never gives up on a case until she has found that one fact or witness that swings the case in her favor. As a former prosecutor, it was Ms. Little’s job to investigate cases, interview witnesses, visit crime scenes, locate evidence and build the case to present to the jury. She does the same for each of her clients she serves today. By scrutinizing the case, conducting her own investigation, examining evidence and court documents, and carefully researching the law, Ms. Little obtains swift and successful resolutions time and again. Clients commend her shrewd tactics and strategic assessments, her powerful and effective advocacy and her impressive courtroom techniques. A big-picture thinker with a command of the fine details, Ms. Little can think on her feet during transformative moments in a case- whether it be while interviewing or cross-examining witnesses, negotiating with opposing counsel or arguing to a judge or jury.

Unlike some attorneys who become stagnant and believe they already know the law, Ms. Little spends hours researching legal issues in her cases and routinely finds ways to win on technical grounds. Clients are often surprised when she goes to court and wins decisive motions based on constitutional, procedural, or evidentiary law. “I was facing a serious case and told Jennifer I could not be convicted under any circumstances. Jennifer explained it was a tough set of facts and prepared me for the worst, but she went to work trying to find legal grounds to get it dismissed. After a 3-hour hearing, Jennifer argued to the judge and all the evidence was thrown out. I couldn’t believe it.”

Ms. Little’s thriving practice is strictly a result of word of mouth referrals from former clients and other attorneys- the ultimate sign of client satisfaction and respect amongst her peers. Ms. Little routinely gets referrals from judges, prosecutors, opposing counsel and colleagues demonstrating the confidence her peers place in her abilities and her success in the courtroom. “When I was charged with a crime, I called my uncle who is a local judge. He recommended Ms. Little based on her performance arguing a case in his courtroom. I took his advice and don’t have a criminal history as result.”