Ms. Little’s practice, while diverse, focuses on white collar, government and internal investigations, sexual offenses and misconduct, general criminal defense for select clients and injury to persons and businesses. Ms. Little has a low-volume, boutique practice which allows her to focus on more exclusive clients who require a higher level of personal attention and discretion and those who seek a proactive, offensive approach designed to provide a swift resolution to the legal issue they face.

Ms. Little has represented numerous high-profile and high-net-worth clients—most of whom prefer to remain anonymous—facing accusations of public corruption, sex crimes or harassment, mail, wire and bank fraud, embezzlement, perjury, tax evasion, ethics and oath of office violations, obstruction of justice, dui and domestic violence, to name a few. Ms. Little has also represented hundreds of lesser-known individuals accused of far less serious offenses.

In response to the nationwide #metoo movement, Ms. Little has represented a number of government officials, corporate executives and students accused of sexual offenses and misconduct in criminal, civil and Title IX proceedings with a 100% success rate in obtaining outright dismissals of all cases.

Ms. Little serves as an advisor and advocate for public officials in both political parties. Having spent her career on the fringes of politics, she understands the political considerations elected officials encounter when faced with a scandal of any kind regardless of whether it involves criminal, civil or ethical violations.

Ms. Little also assists professionals entangled in a wide range of administrative proceedings related to their employment. For instance, Ms. Little represents politicians before ethics commissions, judges before the JQC, doctors before medical review boards, and corporate officials before government agencies or facing internal investigations.

Ms. Little also has a thriving civil practice recovering millions of dollars for injured individuals and corporations in personal injury, civil rights and business litigation disputes.

Ms. Little practices in State and Federal Court throughout Georgia.

Practice Areas

White Collar

Sexual Offenses,
Misconduct & Title lX

Elected Officials and
Political Organizations

Criminal Defense

Administrative Proceedings
or Investigations

Injury to Businesses

Injury Cases