Unlike some attorneys, Ms. Little does not believe in “wait and see,” an approach that often results in lost evidence or the other side gaining an early advantage. Oftentimes hired upon the first rumor of an allegation or investigation, Ms. Little immediately goes to work to establish an offensive, rather than a defensive, position for her clients. Under this approach, Ms. Little’s team builds the case, establishes the timeline and constructs the narrative before valuable information is lost or forgotten. She will conduct a thorough review of the case, complete extensive client, family and witness interviews, gather key documents, and dispatch investigative teams to locate witnesses, preserve video footage, photograph locations, image computers and phones, and complete any additional tasks necessary to be on the offensive from minute one of a potential case. Ms. Little builds a tailor-made team to fit the needs of each case and routinely works with a wide range of investigators, former FBI agents, forensic accountants, digital evidence experts, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers, polygraphers, accident reconstruction experts, and consultants among others.

Ms. Little believes that, like a chess player anticipating each move, you should always be 10 steps ahead of your opponent.  Based upon her extensive prosecutorial experience, Ms. Little has a keen ability to forecast the thoughts and actions of law enforcement, public agencies and other investigating bodies which gives her a distinct advantage in her cases.  Clients of JLLaw find themselves expertly represented in investigations or litigation launched by various state and federal agencies, grand juries, corporations and private litigants based upon her forward looking, strategic approach.

From the moment you hire her, Ms. Little is proactive in building your case, analyzing the relevant legal issues, and putting together an individualized, strategic approach to the case.  Ms. Little meets with the opposing party directly, well in advance of court or a charging decision, and presents her case because, to her, each case involves a relatable person with a life history and someone worthy of special treatment.  As a result, prosecutors, investigators and opposing counsel know that clients of JLLaw are unique and that Ms. Little is prepared to try the case should they not offer a satisfactory resolution.