Having spent her career on the fringes of politics as well as assisting with several county and state-wide campaigns, Ms. Little has exclusive experience that few trial attorneys have. This rare experience makes her the perfect person to understand the political considerations elected officials encounter when faced with a scandal or concern of any kind. JLLaw is often called upon by elected officials and public figures for a wide range of legal and public relations concerns. She represents both national as well as local officials in criminal, administrative, ethics, and congressional or state legislative investigations. She also provides consulting services to several political organizations and candidates needing advice and counsel on political or election law issues. Jennifer serves as an advisor and advocate for public officials in both political parties.

  • Ethics and Oath of Office Violations
  • Campaign Finance
  • Election Law
  • Congressional, Agency and Internal Investigations
  • White Collar Criminal Defense
  • General Criminal Defense
  • Sexual Misconduct Claims
  • Social Media/Press Fallouts
  • Consulting Services

Practice Areas

White Collar

Sexual Offenses,
Misconduct & Title lX

Elected Officials and
Political Organizations

Criminal Defense

Administrative Proceedings
or Investigations

Injury to Businesses

Injury Cases